2002 Malibu Wakesetter XTi

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The Ridesteady has been a lifesaver. Before Ridesteady, I was limited to driving everyone else around all day unless we were with friends/family experienced in towing (not many). With Ridesteady, my wife is able to get me out, and keep me going, way more than ever before. For the price and speed of install, Ridesteady knocks PerfectPass out of the water. A completely satisfied customer here for sure!

Overall the install was very straightforward and it took me about six hours, but I was also installing a new stereo head unit and transom remote at the same time. I followed T.V's directions for his 2001 Sunsetter LXi as the motors were the same with the exception I installed the throttle motor on the starboard (right side when looking forward) side as the throttle cable movement was much smoother with the larger radius arc. I also installed the cable guide on the fuel rail spacer after I slightly trimmed the guide. I also moved the throttle cable stop back two holes and retained the quick connect just like T.V. My boat doesn't have the same bilge vents in the dash as the Sunsetter though and I wasn't a fan of having the GPS receiver in the sun all day, so I temporarily taped the sensor to the gunwale just aft of the wakeboard tower mount (picture sent) to see how the reception would be. After a week on the river in VA, the Ridesteady was consistently getting 10+ satellites with differential tracking. I've since used the provided 3M mounting pad and couldn't be happier (realistically, fiberglass is all but transparent to the GPS signal).

-T.E., Yorktown, Virginia, USA

Ridesteady offers the ultimate control for all water sports, from wakeboarding to wakesurfing, or even just cruising.

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