2016 Yamaha 242 Limited S

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The Ridesteady worked very nicely on Sunday. We used it wake boarding, and it held the speed +/- 0.1 mph per my Lowrance gps. Yamaha only shows whole numbers, so per the boat it held tight to the speed.

We also used it cruising, and it worked well from 10-30 mph (didn't test beyond that).

This boat is hard to keep in sync - the different throttle position varies, so tough to adjust for. Your unit has taken that burden away, so for that alone, this is a product I am glad I added.

My daughter finally got the courage to pull me wake boarding, and she found the Ridesteady a welcome addition. I also was grateful, as it is the steadiest ride I've had ever!

Great job on the product!

-P.B., Caledonia, Illinois, USA

Ridesteady offers the ultimate control for all water sports, from wakeboarding to wakesurfing, or even just cruising.

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