2011 Stingray 195 LX

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Overall – Simple to install. Due to my engine setup (Volvo Penta 4.3), it does not have a traditional throttle body, only an electronic module lever, so I had to build a bracket for a return spring, and position it to avoid breather hoses. Other items bolt right on, no issues in getting it all to fit, gauge fit right in my old speedometer location, very clean look, matches my boats original gauges.

Operation – Works as advertised. Very quick GPS lock on every time, and much more accurate that my old “water powered” speedometer. The clock and compass functions are a nice addition to the gauge. In GPS mode the speed holds perfectly, within a tenth…much more accurate than anything I could do while driving. If the water gets too rough and choppy, the GPS mode may work a lot to keep a constant speed, so switching over to RPM mode is a quick fix until you reach better water. The RPM mode by itself is rock solid.

-B.R., Winchester, Virginia, USA

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